Four Signs That You Need To Make Change

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Change is an inevitable part of life… but also a scary one. Out fear of the unknown can mean that we trade true fulfillment for momentary comfort.


We sometimes stay in a relationship that isn’t working.

We sometimes cling to a job that isn’t satisfying.

When our happiness and well being starts to suffer,  it’s time to let go of safety and embrace the flux.

Here are four signs that you need to make change. Now.

1. You are never absorbed in the present moment.

When you are dissatisfied by your life, you can feel constantly distracted or disengaged from the present moment.

Does your mind wander off at work?

Do you dream of a holiday while you’re at home?

Is one eye on your phone whenever you spend time with your partner?

Your work, your home and your relationships are all facets of life that should be exciting and compel your full attention. Rather than being disconnected, you should be totally absorbed.

Think about when your mind is and isn’t engaged: if you are zoning out more than you ever zone in, it’s time to overhaul that area of your life and make change.

2. You are bored. All. The. Time. 

At work, at home, out with friends…it doesn’t matter where you are – life just feels boring. But it shouldn’t be.


Because there really is no reason for boredom. We live in a world of infinite opportunity and possibility. You are presently occupying a tiny portion of the Earth, and you have multiple options for expanding your life and making change.

This could be through travel, through changing jobs, through joining a new social group or simply through reading up on a new topic – our mind is ready for expansion and rediscovery at any time! There shouldn’t be room in life for boredom.

If you feel haunted by boredom, you’re not living your best life. It’s time for a big change.

3. You feel as though you aren’t in control of your actions.

Do you feel like you are a puppet for everyone else to control?

Do you seem to exist solely for the improvement of other people’s lives?

One of the key pillars that we all strive for in life is human connection. Without a feeling of solidarity, we can easily become lonely. When you feel devalued, it is a sign that your relationships aren’t fulfilling – even if they once were.  As we make our way through life, we inevitably grow and change. Sometimes, this means that the people who were most important to us start to drift away.

It’s okay to outgrow someone – but make sure that you also welcome new valuable friendships into your life. Otherwise, you can start to resent the people who surround you and feel as though you are walking in this word alone.

4. You have no sense of purpose.

Having purpose is essential for a happy life. Not only does it motivate us to keep going, but also allows us to feel accomplished after a job well done. If you feel lost in life, as if you are purely throwing punches blindly, it’s time to make change by forging a goal and honing in on a purpose. Not only for your focus and productivity, but also your sense of personal well-being.

Remember that purpose isn’t always directly linked through task (a) to result (b).

For example, your job itself may be uninspiring. However, it allows you to provide for your kids, which you define as your ultimate purpose in life. This allows you to still feel good about going to work every day.

Purpose will look and feel different to everyone: what matters isn’t where you find purpose, but instead how it enriches your life.

If these four warning signs sound familiar, you need to give your life an overhaul.
It’s time to pluck up the courage to change

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