Don’t Play It Safe: Get Comfy with the Uncomfortable

get comfy with the uncomfortable

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I loooove to be comfortable.

There’s nothing better than a good blanket in bed. A hot water bottle on a cold night. A new pair of extra-fluffy socks.

On your Saturday night in front of the TV, don’t sacrifice a shred of comfort. In fact, get a hot choccie to boot!

But when it comes to your work, your personal life and your ambitions, sometimes the best thing you can do is step outside of your comfort zone.

Why is comfort in life such a bad thing?

In itself, it isn’t.

Being financially stable, content in your workplace and comfortable in your own skin is one of the most gratifying states around.

But how many of us can confidently tick all of these boxes?

It’s true that comfort can lead to happiness. But they are not always a package deal.

Where comfort becomes problematic is when we mistake comfort for happiness.

When we stay in an unfulfilling relationship because it’s easier than breaking up.

When we accept a work-life that makes us feel worthless because it’s simpler than changing jobs.

What underpins these decisions to play it safe isn’t laziness, but fear. Fear of the unknown, of risk, of unpredictability.

Regardless, this type comfort means that we accept less than we are capable of, and less than we deserve.

Do you play it safe, at the cost of true fulfilment?

I did the same thing for too long. I worked in the corporate world because it gave me a comfortable lifestyle. But it wasn’t until I stopped trying to play it safe, threw it all in and created Clarity Road that I really felt content.

If you are living life on autopilot, it’s time to get comfy with the uncomfortable.

Reach out to me to find out how. 

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