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Tax time isn’t our favourite period at Clarity Road.

Despite our best intentions to be organised, we inevitably end up with a pile of unsorted receipts and scattered payments to file by the end of the financial year.
If you’re anything like us, you’ll take all of the tax help you can get.
So CR is Loving anything to make tax time that bit easier!

Taxpayers Australia Inc

Taxpayers Australia Inc is a not-for-profit organisation committed to a more transparent taxation system for every Australian taxpayer. Through the online information hub, Taxpayers Australia provide up-to-date articles geared toward individuals and small businesses alike.

They break difficult concepts down into easy-to-understand language with the aim of ensuring that all Australians are paying the right amount of tax – and not a cent more.

If you’re a tax professional, you can also join up to their members program and receive access to their “in the field” helpline services.

Seriously, more people need to know about this website. Check it out here.

Taxation Ombudsman

The Taxation Ombudsman is a branch of the Commonwealth Ombudsman that exists to protect your rights as a tax payer.

If you are having any issues with the ATO or your employer, this is where to head.

The FAQ section of the Tax Ombudsman page provides valuable answers to those hairy questions. The page will also point you toward your next step in the complaint and action process.

Visit the Ombudsman page here. 


This isn’t Moneysmart’s first appearance in CR is Loving. But when you’re on to a good thing, why stop?!

Through their website, Moneysmart offers a range of calculators, tools and information packs to help you understand and predict your income tax. You can also use the site to find tax help for small business and understand how tax relates to your super and retirement.

Best of all, Moneysmart shows you how to make your tax work for you and maximise your return.

See all of their tax resources here. 

ATO Tax Help

It makes sense that the Australian Tax Office is a good place to go for tax help!

The ATO offers a wealth of information online – and you can bet that it’s reliable. You can read up on the tax process, track your payments and even create a debt repayment planner.

What’s more, many of these services are now available through the ATO smartphone app, so you can access the info anywhere, anytime (try not to get too excited…).

The ATO also runs a Tax Help Program for low income earners who need assistance lodging their tax return.

For all the good stuff, visit the ATO website here.

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