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 Here is a shortlist of resources that we think are nailing it.

Because everyone needs a bit of love in their life! 

Kid Pointz

Kid Pointz is a parenting website with a difference.

The site features printables and interactive resources. But rather than focussing on entertainment, Kid Pointz is all about helping parents to manage child behaviour. They have a range of offerings around a broad array of challenges that many parents confront daily. And because no two kids are the same, they provide a variety of different approaches and solutions, so you can find the one that works best for you and your family.

Oh, and it’s free.

Check it out, here.

Zig Zag Young Women’s Resource Centre

Zig Zag is a Brisbane-based community organisation that provides vital services to the young women who need it most.

Zig Zag assists women who are impacted by sexual assault, connects women with counselling, and runs a supported accommodation program for homeless women. They also have a library available to all members of Zig Zag.

Put simply, the importance of Zig Zag to the young women of Brisbane cannot be underestimated.

In ours eyes, this makes Zig Zag all-round amazing.

Visit their website for more information, or to make a donation.

Kidspot Kitchen

Trying to cook and keep the kids entertained is a darn difficult task. Make meal times less of a hassle by getting the kids involved – because what child doesn’t want to eat something that they have (kind of) created?!

The Kidspot Kitchen is the place to go for recipes that are kid-helper friendly – and a bit sticky to boot.

By enlisting the help of your children, you will free up your hands for other tasks.

See the full recipe list here.


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