Family Health

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Australian Family Health Resources.

In an emergency, always dial 000.

These organisations play an important role in ensuring the wellbeing of men, women and children, old and young Australians alike.

Health Direct Australia provides information and useful links about all aspects of health care for children, adults and the elderly.  It is divided into sections on conditions, symptoms, medicines and life stages, and has a fantastic selection of resources online.

Better Health Channel is a Victorian website which provides health and medical information that is quality assured, reliable, up to date, easy to understand, regularly reviewed and locally relevant. 

Sexual Health Australia provides Australians with accurate information about sexual health issues and to offer appropriate support in the form of counselling to deal with psychological causes or emotional consequences of sexual health concerns.

Drug Watch aims to educate the public and bring awareness to dangerous medications and medical devices.  Their goal is to raise awareness about medications and medical devices, in order to call attention to their associated risks and potential side effects.

Women’s Health Queensland aims to make quality, appropriate health information available and accessible to women via a range of modalities, with the aim of facilitating their decision making to improve their health.

Women’s Health Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation focussed on improving the lives of Victorian women.  They undertake strategic health promotion and advocacy to improve women’s health,  and provide a number of direct services.

Women’s Health West is committed to improving equity and justice for women in Melbourne’s western region. They deliver family violence services and undertake health promotion actions.

13HEALTH is a Queensland Service where people suffering from a non-life threatening medical condition can contact a Registered Nurse to receive advice about their condition.

Tweedle is an early intervention and prevention health service.  Their highest priority is to provide assistance to families during pregnancy and with children up to school age that are facing multiple challenges and are in urgent need of therapeutic support.

Women’s & Children’s Health Network brings together the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and community-based health services in a state-wide health network for children, young people and women in South Australia.

Kidspot Family is a prolific website that features a huge article database on anything and everything related to family health, from pregnancy, to raising teenagers, to going to hospital, to infections and diseases.  They also offer a comprehensive Food section with tips on balanced eating, meal planning and family health. The Lifestyle section also gives info on kids’ parties, playtime, games and activities.

Victorian Aboriginal Health Service addresses the specific medical needs of Victorian indigenous communities. It provides a comprehensive range of medical, dental and social services for the indigenous community and is committed to supporting the well-being of the community through contributions to community events and activities.

Men’s Health Direct offers a range of resources specifically for men. These include information packs on prostate cancer, cholesterol, signs of depression and the “fear of finding out”. The site also offers health resources for the rest of the family, in addition to a symptoms checker tool that trumps a Google search any day.

Man promotes male health and wellbeing in Western Australia. They work with providers, business groups and individuals to improve the health and wellbeing of all males, at work, at home and at play. They support service providers, organisations and professionals from various disciplines, who work with males of all ages. 

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