This week, Julie gives Deb advice on negotiating shared parenting after an amicable separation.

Retirement Plans – Ask Us

Concerned that you will never be able to afford retirement? So is Cathie. See Julie's financial tips here.

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Bouncing Back From Bankruptcy – Ask Us

Bouncing back from bankruptcy feels unfair. You have been through years of financial hardship only to face more obstacles after being discharged.

Forming Friendships as a Mum – Ask Us

Adult friendships are difficult to form...and even harder to maintain. Read Julie's advice to Kerry on building new friendships.

  • How to Delegate – Ask Us
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    Are you feeling overwhelmed by the stack of tasks on your plate? So is Janice. Check out Julie's advice on how to delegate (and find a moment to breathe).

  • Career Change – Ask Us
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    A career change at any age is a difficult transition – but it is particularly daunting as we get older. Read Julie's advice for Leanne on making it happen.