Looking Down

We have compiled a list of useful national bereavement resources that cater for Australians from all walks of life.

what to do after a loved one dies, Clarity Road

What To Do After a Loved One Dies

To make the hardest time of your life that bit easier, we have compiled a list of priorities after a loved one dies.

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Breaking Bad News

Being the person to tell another of a tragedy is a position we all dread, but also a position that most of us will find ourselves in at some point in ...

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Suicide Bereavement

Coping with suicide bereavement presents challenges unique from other forms of bereavement. Here's how to manage the grieving process.

  • Love Heart, Leaf, Sunset
    How to Cope When a Loved One Causes You Pain
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    Being hurt by a twist of fate is hard, but being hurt by the deliberate actions of a loved one is often harder. In this blog post, we address how to come to terms with a life changing event caused by someone close to you.

  • Children and Grief
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    A child's immaturity means that they often work the phases of grief erratically. Here's how you to approach children and grief.

  • Miscarriage Street Art, Graffiti
    Coping with Miscarriage
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    The loss of an unborn child is a unique experience that can leave you devastated. There is no way to forget the life you had imagined for you future child, and no way to answer the burning question: Why?

  • Hold On, Hand, Grip, Regret
    How to Deal with Regret
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    Regret can create a vicious cycle of self-blame. However, regret can also act as motivation for change. Today’s blog addresses coping with regret.

  • Candle, Flame, Flicker
    Coping With Grief
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    Most people undergo five emotional stages when coping with grief: denial, anger bargaining, depression and acceptance. Here's what to expect.