Taking a break means prioritising self-care in whatever way nourishes your soul. It could be taking a holiday, going to the hair dresser, doing a dance class, art class, or yoga, meditation, deep breathing, laughing with a friend, or visualising a happy place. “Stress mode” cannot coexist with “relaxation mode”, so find a way to relax and take a break.

CR is Loving – Clothes That Care

Established in 2013, Clothes That Care Inc. are passionate advocates for the dis-advantaged, the needy and the politically under-represented members o ...

Saying Yes. Saying No.

Societal mores and peer pressure can lead our best intentions down the garden path when it comes to saying yes and no to requests from others. The mo ...

Women Smiling

Support Services for Women

We have compiled a list of useful resources for women that operate statewide and nationally.

  • slow down, go slow, painting, tree
    How to Slow Down and Thrive
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    It’s something that we come to view as a luxury. But time to slow down is so, so necessary for our wellbeing. Nourish your body and mind. And enjoy a nap!

  • You are Beautiful, Chair, Graffiti
    Improving Self-Esteem
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    Improving self-esteem takes time. Like everyone, you will still experience low moments. Use this information to maintain perspective. You are beautiful!

  • Keeping a Healthy Body Image, Clarity Road, Measuring Tape
    Keeping a Healthy Body Image
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    The media is filled with pictures and messages designed to destabilise the body image of women. Magazines brag about having the newest fad diet while television programs are interspersed by advertisements for the latest hair removal technol ...

  • Conspiracy Theories
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    How often have you heard the phrase “It’s a conspiracy!”? Maybe it’s about politics and the death of John F. Kennedy. Or what about the theories surrounding aliens landing at Roswell. And don’t forget about Elvis. Has he passe ...