Taking a break means prioritising self-care in whatever way nourishes your soul. It could be taking a holiday, going to the hair dresser, doing a dance class, art class, or yoga, meditation, deep breathing, laughing with a friend, or visualising a happy place. “Stress mode” cannot coexist with “relaxation mode”, so find a way to relax and take a break.

CR is Loving – Clothes That Care

Established in 2013, Clothes That Care Inc. are passionate advocates for the dis-advantaged, the needy and the politically under-represented members o ...

Disability Services and Support

Having a disability, or caring for someone with a disability, can present its own life challenges. Whether you were born with a condition that makes ...

Kindness, be kind, note, tape, handwritten note, in the end only kindness matters

Be Kind: It’s a Low Risk Investment

A series of recent events reminded Julie just how much small decisions to be kind can make a big difference. Not only in the lives of others, but your ...

  • Empty Chair, Group Meeting
    Breaking Bad News
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    Being the person to tell another of a tragedy is a position we all dread, but also a position that most of us will find ourselves in at some point in our lives.

  • Frustration, Women, Hair, Washing Machine, Angry, Mad
    The Difficult Family Member
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    The negativity of a difficult family member is toxic. How can you make contact with your difficult relative as painless as possible? These tips might help.