Hot on the heels of the new calendar year comes the end of school holidays and the start of a new school year. And whether you are excited by this prospect (no more acting like Julie from The Love Boat and having to play cruise director for the little dears) or saddened by having to send them from your protective arms (especially if this will be your child’s first year at school), there are several ways you can make back to school as easy and painless as possible, for both of you.

Disability Services and Support

Having a disability, or caring for someone with a disability, can present its own life challenges. Whether you were born with a condition that makes ...

Baby Foot

Parenting Resources and Support

We have compiled a list of parenting services that cater for mothers, fathers, single parents, parents of children with disabilities and LGBTIQ parent ...

Family Health

Family Health Resources

These organisations play an important role in ensuring the wellbeing of men, women and children, old and young Australians alike.

  • Shared vs Parallel Parenting
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    After separation, there are two possible ways that you can approach parenting according to the level of conflict in your relationship with your ex – shared or parallel parenting.

  • Children and Grief
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    A child's immaturity means that they often work the phases of grief erratically. Here's how you to approach children and grief.

  • Communicating With Children After Divorce
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    After separation or divorce, you may find that communication between you and your kids has altered – parenting has moved from a double-team effort to a one-on-one exercise. While daunting, you can make parenting one-on-one a change for t ...

  • Child on a bus, Bus Seat, Window
    When Your Child is Being Bullied
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    A life changing event in the family can leave your child vulnerable – and unfortunately, kids can be cruel. Bullies pick at these vulnerabilities mercilessly, and have the potential to leave your child physically and emotionally defeated.