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There are multiple way to be unfaithful: financial infidelity is one of them. This article breaks down the types and warning signs of financial infidelity.

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Five Stages of the Divorce Process

Divorce doesn’t happen overnight. It begins long before the idea forms, and continues well after the decision is made.

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How to Cope When a Loved One Causes You Pain

Being hurt by a twist of fate is hard, but being hurt by the deliberate actions of a loved one is often harder. In this blog post, we address how to c ...

Children and Grief

A child's immaturity means that they often work the phases of grief erratically. Here's how you to approach children and grief.

  • Communicating With Children After Divorce
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    After separation or divorce, you may find that communication between you and your kids has altered – parenting has moved from a double-team effort to a one-on-one exercise. While daunting, you can make parenting one-on-one a change for t ...

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    How to Know When to Break Up
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    Whether you have been dating for a month or a decade, knowing when to let a relationship go is always hard. These warning signs will help you find clarity.

  • Dealing with Separation
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    After separation, you will need to make physical, financial, social and personal adjustments. Here are our tips for dealing with separation.

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    Starting Over Again
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    Starting over again is an overwhelming prospect, but there comes a point when we need to stop merely functioning, and start living again. Reinventing your life is about more than scraping by; it’s about finding satisfaction, and being hap ...

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    5 Myths About Child Custody
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    The internet provides ample information about child custody and divorce. But not all of it is accurate. This article busts open 4 common child custody myths.