Taking a break means prioritising self-care in whatever way nourishes your soul. It could be taking a holiday, going to the hair dresser, doing a dance class, art class, or yoga, meditation, deep breathing, laughing with a friend, or visualising a happy place. “Stress mode” cannot coexist with “relaxation mode”, so find a way to relax and take a break.

Saying Yes. Saying No.

Societal mores and peer pressure can lead our best intentions down the garden path when it comes to saying yes and no to requests from others. The mo ...

get comfy with the uncomfortable

Don’t Play It Safe: Get Comfy with the Uncomfortable

It’s true that comfort can lead to happiness. But they are not always a package deal. Don't play it safe - get comfy with the uncomfortable.

Kindness, be kind, note, tape, handwritten note, in the end only kindness matters

Be Kind: It’s a Low Risk Investment

A series of recent events reminded Julie just how much small decisions to be kind can make a big difference. Not only in the lives of others, but your ...

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    How to Cope When a Loved One Causes You Pain
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    Being hurt by a twist of fate is hard, but being hurt by the deliberate actions of a loved one is often harder. In this blog post, we address how to come to terms with a life changing event caused by someone close to you.

  • You are Beautiful, Chair, Graffiti
    Improving Self-Esteem
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    Improving self-esteem takes time. Like everyone, you will still experience low moments. Use this information to maintain perspective. You are beautiful!

  • Gratitude
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    Photo credit: Shannon Kringen Gratitude is a wonderful place to start when trying to change aspects of your life you are unhappy with.  It is an affirmation.  A way to […]