Connect the Dots Liaison Service

Connect the Dots

Determining your next move after a life changing event can feel impossible.

You are emotionally drained. You are physically exhausted. You don’t have the time, the energy or the focus
to sift through the stack of tasks on your plate.
Even if you did, you wouldn’t know where to start.
The Clarity Road Team has been in this position. We know that sometimes it can all become too much.
If you are struggling to envision a better life, choose action over anxiety
and let Clarity Road connect the dots for you.

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Connect the dots for a better life, legal advice, finances, child support

Get the guidance and direction to find a better life from
women who have been in your shoes.

A decade ago, I was happily married. Like many women, I trusted my husband to manage our family finances while I focussed on my business and raising my children. But life began to fall apart when I realised that things weren’t adding up. I soon discovered that my husband had borrowed from a long list of lenders without my knowledge. What’s worse, my husband had borrowed money from my family with no intention of paying them back.

The extent of my ex-husband’s financial betrayal turned an already painful experience into a waking nightmare. My divorce caused me to lose my award winning events business, my house, my car and go bankrupt. It also meant that my parents were unable to retire, and caused unspeakable pain to the people I love most.

Predictably, this experience catalysed many unwanted life changes. To rebuild emotionally and financially, I had to have a plan. In the short term, I needed to support, educate and provide for my kids. In the long term, I needed to establish lasting stability and pay attention to my own well-being. And I had to back myself, even when others didn’t.

Fast forward ten years and my life looks drastically different to this period of overwhelm and confusion. I worked my way up in the IBM world, I am financially stable, I have welcomed new fulfilling relationships into my life and I have listened to my heart in starting Clarity Road.

I can help you to look at your life objectively, forge a plan for your future
and make it happen.

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