Divorce Recovery Workshops

Do you feel like divorce is on the horizon?
Have you recently separated from your partner?
Has your divorce suit recently settled?

Wherever you stand, I have been in your shoes. 

All too well, I know the unceasing knot in your stomach when you realise it’s time to separate.
I understand how frightening it is to confront the formalities of divorce.
I have experienced the emotional strain that persists long after your settlement is finalised.
Above all, I know that before, during and after divorce, you are faced by an immeasurable list of
questions for which there is no clear answer. 
All you know is that your future and your identity looks
dramatically different to this time last year.
  • What if you had a well-researched action plan with a clear vision of your post-divorce future?
  • What if you could get answers to those complicated questions from someone who has learned from experience?
  • What if you could say everything on your mind to a neutral party without judgement or reserve?

With my divorce recovery workshops, you can.

Ten years ago, divorce completely changed my life.

Like many women, I trusted my husband to manage our family finances while I focussed on my business and raising my children. But life began to fall apart when I realised that things weren’t adding up. I soon discovered that my husband had borrowed from a long list of lenders without my knowledge. What’s worse, my husband had borrowed money from my family with no intention of paying them back.
The extent of my ex-husband’s financial betrayal turned an already painful experience into a waking nightmare. My divorce caused me to lose my award winning events business, my house, my car and go bankrupt. It also meant that my parents were unable to retire, and caused unspeakable pain to the people I love most.
I spent years working with lawyers and accountants, trying to bounce back from divorce as quickly as possible.
Across this time, I learned more about divorce than I ever thought I would need to know.
My experience has shown me that divorce is a comprehensive life changing event. You aren’t just impacted emotionally. It takes a legal, financial, social, and emotional toll.
In the decade that followed, I was approached by friends, acquaintances and relative strangers who needed advice about their own divorce process. I had countless late night phone calls with women struggling to cope with the loss of their relationship, legal technicalities and being a newly single parent.
These calls became so frequent that I decided do something about it. 
Clarity Road’s divorce recovery workshops are a structured version of these late night crisis calls. It brings together what I know about money, lawyers and staying emotionally afloat throughout divorce.  As well as advice and direction, my divorce recovery workshops create momentum and action steps to ensure that your recovery is sustainable.

Why participate in a Divorce Recovery Workshop?

There are some lessons that can only be truly understood through experience. In my view, divorce is one of them.
As your divorce recovery workshop facilitator, my job isn’t to give you legal advice or to make definitive financial decisions. Rather, I compliment professional services and help to bring it all together. I will assist you to understand what your settlement really means for you – today and into the future. I can help you to find balance and keep calm when you’re under pressure.
At the end of the day, no degree can teach you how to deal with sudden single parenthood. No stories can truly prepare you for the emotional rollercoaster brought on by divorce. I can help you to see with clarity at a time when confusion can easily overwhelm you.

Why work with me?

My personal experience with divorce speaks for itself. But it’s not the only reason I am equipped as a divorce recovery workshop facilitator.
After my divorce, I entered the IBM world. From a role as marketing manager, I worked my way up to become General Manager of a global IT company. In my professional life, I have created dozens of business development plans, managed 100+ high level marketing campaigns and worked with clients like IBM, HP and Apple. I also lead a committee that fundraises for Women’s Legal Service: a Queensland organisation that assists women affected by domestic violence. I know how to identify a need, research a problem, develop a plan and put it into action.
I apply the same structured logic that made me professionally successful to our divorce recovery workshops. l will give you implementable steps that hit the heart of an issue and help you to overcome it systematically.
What’s more, I understand that your divorce isn’t solely a relationship breakdown. It’s not just a financial issue. You won’t only be worried for your kids. This thing is big.

The way that the next few months pan out can have permanent life changing consequences.

You need to think clearly, you need to stay emotionally grounded, and you need to be supported. My divorce recovery workshops will help you to do all three.

Be informed. Be empowered. Be inspired.


Can you give legal advice?
No. Rather, we compliment professional services by providing you with support and insight from a position of experience. We help you to understand the practical implications of the hypotheticals swirling in your mind. We equip you to action your next steps.
What areas does the Divorce Recovery Workshop cover?
Good question. In the Clarity Questionnaire, I ask about almost everything. Your marriage, your kids, your money, your work, your legal proceedings so far and more. The clarity plan will be developed depending on the needs that arise from my examination of this document.
What do I need to tell you?
Divorce is personal. For the record, you don’t need to tell me everything. I’m not your lawyer, accountant or counsellor. You share with me what you are comfortable with – and I will help you where you want help. By all means, lay it all on the line. But if you would prefer to hold a few cards close to your chest, that’s okay.
I still have questions – can I ask you directly?
 Absolutely. Email me directly to ask whatever questions you need to.