Ignite Business Mentoring

Ignite business mentoring

Do you get butterflies whenever you think about starting your own business, but feel too afraid to take the plunge?
Are you treading water in your dream business…working hard but always landing back at square one?
Are you at the helm of a thriving business that you can’t seem to take to the next level?

I know how you feel.

I know that you deserve to earn an income that reflects your effort.
I know that you are drifting further away from the inspired vision that was so vivid months ago.

You don’t want another person telling you that “hard work will soon pay off”.

You need someone with the knowledge and experience to critically examine your
business and put you on the path to success. 
Imagine how your business would look if you could stop worrying about money and actually enjoy your work.
Imagine how good it would feel to have a clear vision of your future and the growth strategy to get there.
Imagine starting each day with  passion, direction and momentum.

That’s where I come in.

  • I built my own award winning events business from scratch.
  • I worked in the IBM world for ten years, where I was responsible for growth management
    in small to large businesses alike.
  • I can manage and maximise multiple revenue streams.
  • I can identify and amplify high leverage opportunities that will get results.

But that’s only half of my story.
In truth, my professional life hasn’t been smooth sailing.

That award winning events business? I lost it and went bankrupt a decade ago as the result of a debilitating divorce. While working my way up in the corporate world, I battled persistent financial issues that made me question how I would put dinner on the table. I’ve had sleepless nights worrying about money and my professional future.
In the end, I stepped away from the corporate world because I knew there was something more for me and my skills. I didn’t want to help the rich get richer. I wanted to help women to create a business that fulfils and enriches their lives in more ways than one.

When I work with a business, I talk revenue streams, PR and marketing,
organisational reviews and online sales.

But I am also focussed on balance, personal management and sustainability

Through my IGNITE business mentoring, we won’t just revolutionise your business branding and procedures.
We will revitalise your passion for your work and create a sustainable plan for your future.

Schedule a FREE 30 minute mentoring discovery session today to see how
I can help you.

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My mentoring programs are flexible because every business is different.

You might be a fresh face to the industry with big ideas but little knowledge of the technical stuff.
You may be a seasoned business pro who needs a creative burst to hit that home run.

Wherever you stand, IGNITE mentoring is your next step.

Why have a mentor?

I know that an investment in yourself is hard to justify when your business isn’t performing as you had hoped. At this point, it feels like any financial outlay will put you even further from your dream. But how many hours have you already spent trying to make it work? How much time have you wasted on planning and brainstorming when you could have been seeing clients (and getting paid to do it)?
There comes a point where you need to stop trying to go it alone and get the input of a professional.  The clarity, direction and momentum that a mentor provides can quickly translate to sales, profits and a return of investment.
Not to mention balance, confidence and a renewed sense of fulfilment.

Why work with me?

There are some lessons that can only be learned through experience. How to make a business thrive is one of them.
Working for global IT companies, I have developed dozens of business development plans, managed 100+ high-level marketing campaigns, and worked with international clients across all aspects of their business. I grew my career the hard way, and pegged my way up from a marketing consultant role to general manager. I maintained vendor relationships with international clients like HP, Asus, IBM, Belkin and Apple. In my most recent role, I grew a $400K business into a $9 million corporate in four years.
Most importantly, I know what it’s like to have an inner entrepreneur inside of you that just must be let out. I know all about the inner struggle between financial obligations and creating a business that is truly your own. I know the frustration of comparing yourself to the other guys who seem less qualified and more successful. I know how it feels to ask, “What do they have that I don’t?”.
More often than not, the answer to this question is clarity and confidence.
The most successful businesses don’t doubt themselves. They don’t try to be like the competition. They have a clear vision of what they want to do, and they do it.
Your business isn’t just about financial security. It’s your pride, your freedom, your happiness and your fulfilment at stake.
Are you going to become another business owner who slogs it out solo for semi-success? Or are you going to take action to get clarity and reignite your burn for business?

Be informed. Be empowered. Be inspired.


I am a consultant/shop-owner/online outlet/hybrid of all three. Is your business mentoring suitable for me?

In short – yes. Across my career in the business development world, I have done it all. I built up my own successful events business and have helped small businesses and large corporates operating across different platforms to prosper. I have experience in a broad range of business platforms – and more importantly, the knowledge to bring it all together.

Do I have to sign up to the three or six month program immediately?

No. I understand that mentoring feels like a risky investment when you haven’t done a program before. That’s why I offer mentoring on a flexible retainer basis. Each instalment of mentoring progressively builds on the month one deep-dive. If you haven’t already signed on for a continuation of mentoring, you have until the end of week 3 in your first month to do so.

I want more mentoring time – can the program be adjusted?

I know that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits all model. Sometimes one intensive isn’t enough. If you want more Skype action, we can arrange that. Just be clear about it from the beginning. Any extra time will be added to your pricing plan according to my hourly rate.

I still have questions – can I ask you directly?

Absolutely. Email me directly, or get in touch to schedule your free 30 minute discovery session, all about my mentoring and how I can help you.

Don’t accept a work life that doesn’t work for you.

IGNITE your business future today.

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