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Through our free consultations and pre-program worksheets, Clarity Road attempts to ensure that every participant will benefit from the course and gel with the Team before money changes hands.

For this reason, we have a refund policy in place – with a few conditions.

Remember that every program or service offered by Clarity Road is a two way street. We provide the worksheets and actions for participants to implement. It is their job to do so. We also pour time and effort into every person who signs up, both face to face and behind the scenes. Each spot taken is a reservation that could have been filled by another participant.

Given that each of our programs follows a different format, the refund process varies between services.

For more information, email info@clarityroad.com.au.

Courses and programs with Julie Rainbow and/or the Clarity Road Team are purposed for general information and guidance only. Julie Rainbow and the Clarity Road Team are not professional legal, financial or health advisors, nor are they counsellors, psychologists or medical practitioners. Julie and the Clarity Road Team unwaveringly maintain that individuals are responsible for their own life and expect that insight provided through Clarity Road is used at the reader/participant’s own discretion. Julie Rainbow and the Clarity Road Team advise that individuals consult a relevant professional before any life changing decisions are made, and as such accept no responsibility for actions or decisions made by Clarity Road readers or participants after visiting the site, receiving correspondence or attending a workshop, program or event run by Clarity Road.