Julie’s story is captivating to read on paper, but mesmerising to hear in person. She is able to command an audience, and share valuable wisdom in a way that is guaranteed to move and motivate listeners.

Julie is an engaging speaker with the ability to light up the room. She isn’t afraid to get down into the nitty-gritty of an issue, or to have a bit of fun with a serious topic.

For a speaker with energy, personality and a few truth bombs up her sleeve, contact Julie today.

Social Commentary

Julie’s life experience has given her an awareness, knowledge and unique viewpoint on a range of social issues effecting women in Australia.

She is well-equipped to comment on social issues in a panel discussion or question-and-answer setting, and engages with topics intellectually, emotionally and realistically.

To work with a commentator who is unafraid of saying what is on her mind, contact Julie today.

Professional Mentoring

Julie is an accomplished, highly skilled business woman. In another life, Julie ran an award-winning business, and most recently worked as General Manager for a global IT company.

This experience means that Julie can give expert advice on starting a business, managing work-life balance and making a living doing what you love.

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